Thursday, July 31, 2008

World Wide Photo Walk Saturday August 23rd 2008

Scott Kelby is hosting a worldwide photo walk to celebrate the launch of his new Lightroom 2 book for digital photographers. The date is August 23rd 2008 To discover what it's all about and see if your city is on the list [ they're not all listed yet, so stay tuned. ] or to host a photo walk for your city you can get all the details right here. [ Pictured ] The Minks-Adams hotel, details can be found here.

So far their are 108 photo walks listed world wide, some cities having more than one photowalk. The group size is limited to 50 and if your city is not listed you can sign up to be a host if you meet their criteria. This is mostly a social event for photographers and anyone can participate regardless of their skill level or equipment. Their are some prizes for the top photographs and a grand prize will be given for the best photo taken during the walk. Check it out.

Update: Now 151 photo walks listed and climbing from around the world.

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